Locker Box


This will let you keep all your personal items in a storage box while you’re busy enjoying the festivities Splendour in the Grass has to offer!

Each locker will cost $30 for the whole festival.

Important information to note:

You will be given a combination lock which you set.In this way no-one except for you has access to the locker.

  • Each locker has 12 volt socket in the back (the same as a car cigarette socket )
  • You will be given a car phone charger so you can charge your phone and keep valuables safe for the entire weekend.

There will be a limited number of Locker Boxes for sale on site on a first come first serve basis

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Hirer agrees that the Hirer will not be entitled to a refund if they fail to attend the event.
  2. The Hirer agrees that the Hirer will be issued with a combination lock for setting their own access code and this individual access code is for the individual use of the Hirer only.
  3. The Hirer agrees for his or her photograph to be taken at the time of issuance of the combination lock to the Hirer by Lockerbox to allow for later proof of identity.
  4. If the Hirer forgets their individual access code Lockerbox will only provide access to the Locker to the Hirer upon verification of identity obtained by Lockerbox in condition 3.
  5. The Hirer must not store or keep in the Locker any illegal, dangerous or objectionable substances, including narcotics, substances liable to sudden explosion, inflammation or ignition and the Hirer accepts sole responsibility for all items stored in the Locker.
  6. The Hirer expressly agrees to store items in the Locker and to enter and use the Lockerbox site at the Hirer’s own risk.
  7. The Hirer covenants to release and indemnify Lockerbox and its contractors, agents and employees to the full extent permitted by law from and against any claim, action, liability or suit resulting from any accident, damage, loss (including loss of property), death or injury, arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.
  8. The Hirer shall be solely responsible for collection of all items or property at the expiration of the Hire Period and the Hirer acknowledges that any items or property that are not collected by the Hirer within twenty eight days after the end of the hiring period may be sold, disposed of or otherwise dealt with by Lockerbox in its sole discretion.
  9. The Hirer accepts that if any items or property not collected at the expiration of the Hire Period but wishes to obtain these items or property after the Hire Period a postage and handling charge will be payable